Halloween in University Hall

Hello. You know the time of the year where everyone gets to put on alter-egos which are spooky versions of themselves and dress to impress? That’s right, HALLOWEEN!! Currie Hall held it’s end… Continue reading

Motivational Exams Memes Part 1

Hello everyone, It’s finally that time of the semester where coffee becomes your best friend and your head becomes permanently stuck in that book and becoming a night owl. I decided to include in this post… Continue reading

Spring Feast Currie Style!!

Hi y’all, Darren Chua here! Busy Busy weeks ahead!! Cramming for assignments and exams is never fun, but tis the life of a university student. Take a breather and check out some photos from… Continue reading

2013 University Hall Residents’ Club

Hello, It’s week 12 and the second last week of University!! After that,exams would be creeping up round the corner. I hope everyone’s not too stressed out, eat more snacks to soothe the… Continue reading

The Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 celebration in Currie Hall

Hello, Did most of you go to this year’s Perth Royal Show?? So far I have been to two shows and this happens to be my third!! I never pass up the opportunity to… Continue reading

University Hall Campaigning Week: YOLOuisa- Vote for Louisa Ong

  Hello everyone, This week is a rather important week as it is the week where nominees start their campaigns for the upcoming University Hall Resident’s club voting elections. I am using this… Continue reading

Currie Hall Twilight Sail: Yoho Yoho a Sailor’s Life for me

Good day y’all, There are so many exciting and new events coming up in Currie Hall that I wish I could cover them all!! 🙂 Your resident blogger decided to hop on a… Continue reading

Fundraising for Charity, An Assortment of Chocolates

Hello Hallers, Calling out to all chocolate lovers out there, I have with me below an advertisement by Winnie Chong about an annual fundraising for Charity event: “Chocolates! Who can ever resist them? The… Continue reading

Currie Hall Paintball Event 2012

Hey everyone, It’s back to school week after study break already, how fast did that week go!! Hope everyone is in tip-top condition to battle out the rest of the weeks in this… Continue reading

The Last Currie Hall Ball: The Grammy Awards @ Parmelia Hilton

Hello, University life would not be complete without it’s fair share of formal dinners where ladies and men rise to this occasion and take the opportunity to dress to impress!! 🙂 The Currie… Continue reading