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The End is only the Beginning

Hello everyone, The time has come for my last post on our official Currie Hall Residents’ blog. It has been an honour and my pleasure to manage and maintain our resident blog this semester. I… Continue reading

From Currie Hall to University Hall

Hello everyone, I bet most of you are like~ Ahh the sweet smell of freedom!! No more exams and memorisation 🙂 I came across some pretty amazing construction photos from Bri Bourke. I mean… Continue reading

University Hall Graduate Dinner

Hello everyone, Currie Hall has been home to many university students and whether it is just one year or two, the experience of living in hall never really leave us 🙂 The graduating… Continue reading

A Haller’s Nostalgia

One thing I love about living in Currie Hall is the part where you never feel alone. Living in the hall with the culture seemingly embedded into each and every one of us… Continue reading

Get your mo on in Movember!!

Hello Hallers, It’s been November for a while already but I’d like to post photos of people getting their Mo on for Movember!! During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting… Continue reading

Motivational Exam Memes Part 2

Hello hallers, The first motivational Exam Memes post was well-received and due to popular demand I was asked to do a part 2 for this final week of exams. I don’t know about you,… Continue reading

Halloween in University Hall

Hello. You know the time of the year where everyone gets to put on alter-egos which are spooky versions of themselves and dress to impress? That’s right, HALLOWEEN!! Currie Hall held it’s end… Continue reading

Motivational Exams Memes Part 1

Hello everyone, It’s finally that time of the semester where coffee becomes your best friend and your head becomes permanently stuck in that book and becoming a night owl. I decided to include in this post… Continue reading

Spring Feast Currie Style!!

Hi y’all, Darren Chua here! Busy Busy weeks ahead!! Cramming for assignments and exams is never fun, but tis the life of a university student. Take a breather and check out some photos from… Continue reading

2013 University Hall Residents’ Club

Hello, It’s week 12 and the second last week of University!! After that,exams would be creeping up round the corner. I hope everyone’s not too stressed out, eat more snacks to soothe the… Continue reading