About the author

IMG_0791My name is Louisa Ong, your official University Hall resident blogger for 2013. I am a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) student at the University of Western Australia. I am currently taking residence at University Hall L Block. Having lived at University Hall for more than 18 months at different blocks over the months, I must say that it has been a fulfilling and interesting  time. It is definitely not an experience you can achieve had you lived anywhere else outside of University Hall. University Hall has indeed contributed alot to my life in many aspects as a university student.

To all prospective and current University Hall residents, I hope you will find this blog interesting and insightful. Please feel free to send through any questions or enquiries you may have to hallerstudentblog@gmail.com and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Have a great semester ahead everyone!!

Louisa Ong