Know your Resident Advisor: Emily Goh

Emily Goh, Resident Advisor

Emily Goh, Resident Advisor

1.    Name, House and what floors you are in-charge of?
My name is Emily Goh and I’m happily living on K300s.

2.    Where are you from?
I’m from Singapore.

3.    Year of Study & Course

Proud to say I’m part of the stereotype, I’m majoring in Finance and Economics.

4.    Any special talents?
I can make numbers mean something to those who don’t understand them. And I can shoot lasers from my eyes (as Darren would know).
5.    What do you hope to do/be when you graduate?
I aspire to be a Financial Analyst in one of the international banks and not lose myself in the process – because I hear it’s quite common that the numbers will eat your soul. At the same time, travel the world while I still can.

Emily Goh, Resident Advisor

Emily Goh, Resident Advisor

6.    Describe yourself in 3 words
Talkative, annoying and definitely, overbearing. HEEHEE.

7.    Most fun/ funniest memory in college so far
Can’t remember any incident specifically, but I do know I’ve had the best time at the Hall back when I lived at B House during my first year here. Best RA, best floormates.
8.    What’s the best part about being a RA in Unihall?
With all honesty, the satisfaction you get when your floormates attend the events that you’ve put in so much effort to organize.
9.    Mini-biography
A human being. Student, study, chocolate connoisseur, play, drink, foodie, poop, party, work, finding my floor’s vacuum, sleep. I am very busy and important.
Through my life, I have learned I don’t know anything.  But I have also learned that people will pay for what I know.

Interview by Louisa Ong