University Hall Masterchef!

Hello hallers,

University Hall held a very special event based on the popular Australia TV series MASTERCHEF!! UniHall Masterchef was held at the beginning of Semester Two and encouraged students to pair up, put their cooking skills to the test and face a panel of guest judges over a span of 5 weeks. The judging panel looked at appearance, quality and taste!! Talk about some fun for the foodies out there!!

I got a special writeup from Mia Rizwan about her experience participating in UniHall Masterchef.


I’ve always been a fan of good food, so when I saw the posters for Masterchef, I knew I had to be a part of it! It just so happened that Carlo was also looking to join, and it was at that moment that our team, TEAM VESPA was born!! 🙂

Team Vespa in the kitchen

Team Vespa in the kitchen

We opted to cook a Western Meal for our first round and it was fair to say we had tough competition. We were nervous for a couple of reasons. First of all, Carlo and I have never cooked together so we didn’t really know where our strengths and weaknesses were as a team. And second, we only trialed our dish the day before the competition (very last minute!). Needless to say, everything went smoothly for our first round. We made an amazing meatball and mushroom pasta dish, with antipasto and wine to match. Thankfully, luck was on our side and we managed to make it through to the Grand Final!


For the Grand Final round, we made Arancini and marinated prawn salad for our entrée, involtini for our main with a side of marinated vegetables, and for dessert, coconut sago topped with passionfruit pineapple syrup. Incorporated in the dessert was the secret ingredient – pear.

Unfortunately, Team Vespa failed to take the top prize but we were stoked nonetheless to be a part of this competition. Thank you to Stef, the fellow contestants, the many RA’s who helped supervise, the judges and those who came along and watched the judging – you guys made this all happen! Maybe next year will be our year!

This was such a great event that encouraged creativity and I’m sure many Hallers enjoyed the experience of cooking and teamwork!! Thumbs up for all the Hallers who participated, who would have thought we had so many good cooks in our Hall 🙂

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Thanks so much Mia for this write up and thanks to you for reading 🙂

Enjoy your semester study break.

Louisa Ong

Resident Blogger 2013