Haller of the week: Cameron Barnes

Haller of the week: Cameron Barnes

Haller of the week: Cameron Barnes

1. Name and House

Cameron Barnes from J House East side

2. Where are you from?

Bunbury, WA

3. Year of Study & Course

6th Year Law / Arts student

4. What do you hope to do/be when you graduate?

It would be amazing to be a diplomat or work in international humanitarian law.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words

Eccentric, fun, friendly

6. Most fun/ funniest memory in college so far

Probably the stand-up comedian at Mr Uni Hall

Cameron Barnes- J House  East Represent

Cameron Barnes

7. Any special talents:

Not really- I’m good at public speaking and I’m kind of a nerd but no special talents (other than Ali-G impersonation obviously…)

8. How was it like participating in the first ever Mr Unihall?

Awesome- I was a bit nervous beforehand but I actually really enjoyed how no one took it too seriously. The acts were all super entertaining.

9. Any comments on how it feels to be the 100th Student Guild President? 

I really enjoy most of the role- especially when I feel like I’m making a difference or when I’m meeting new people. At times it’s very stressful- a lot of people rely on me and I hate the idea of letting anyone down.

Message to Hallers:

I’m stoked to be at Uni Hall and I’m looking forward to making lots of friends! I’m also always more than happy to help out in any way I can- I pretty much work all the time. See you round the hall!

Interview by Louisa Ong