Haller of the week, Hayley Hogen-Esch

Haller of the week, Hayley Hogen-Esch

1.Name and House

Hayley Hogen-Esch, K House

2. Where are you from?

I’m Australian. I was born in Subiaco, and I have lived my whole life an hour south of Perth in a town called Mandurah. For those who have never been to Mandurah, you should go sometime. It’s definitely an eye-opening experience 😛

3. Year of Study & Course

I’m in my 3rd year Studying Sport Science – Majoring in Exercise and Health

4. What do you hope to do/be when you graduate?

Honestly, when I graduate I have absolutely no idea what I want to do.

I’m thinking of possibly doing a 4th Dip-ed and becoming a phys-ed teacher. I used to teach swimming to little kids, and I really enjoyed it (most of the time). The feeling you get when you see a child master something they’ve been trying so hard to learn is really gratifying.

I’ve also considered possibly trying to get into Vet Science. I love all kinds of animals and I think working in an environment where I’m surrounded by animals all day would be pretty sweet. My problem is I can’t choose. There are too many careers that appeal to me.  I’m hoping that I’ll receive some inspiration before it comes time for graduation!

Hayley Hogen-Esch, Unihall Event Manager

Hayley Hogen-Esch, Unihall Event Manager

5. Describe yourself in 3 words

Easy-going, Loyal, Iceberg-ish (what you see is only 10% of who I am) 🙂

6. Most fun/ funniest memory in college so far?

Since coming to Currie/Unihall, I have had so many awesome moments that to write about them all would be impossible. A highlight would definitely have to be the Regional Volunteering trip that I went on early this June. It was really awesome to be able to spend ~5 days with people I hardly knew and just talk about nothing and everything in general.  At night, because we were so tired from the tree planting/potting, we would just eat dinner and watch Ninja Warrior. As lame as it sounds, it was really fun just relaxing and bonding over watching crazy ripped guys tackle hard-core obstacle courses.

7. Any special talents:

I do have a talent for photo-bombing, and taking really, really awkward pictures.

IMGP0898 IMGP0873

8. Congratulations on winning to be Unihall’s Events Manager, what do you hope to bring towards the new role for the hall?

I’m hoping to bring lots of enthusiasm!! College events are the easiest ways to meet new people. The events coming up look amazing and if we can encourage a high turnout, I think it will go a long way to increasing the sense of Unihall identity and spirit through the shared memories and experiences!!

Message to Hallers:

College is what you make it – so make it count!! You’re paying money to be here, so get the most out of what the college has to offer. Come down to the events, meet new people. We’re an international college!!!! Meet people from other countries! You’ll always have somewhere to stay when you go travelling!

One last thing – don’t take yourself too seriously. We’re still young. Life was meant to be fun. Make mistakes while you can still blame it on being young!

Interview by Louisa Ong